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Visit for all of your stock Glock parts Your source for Stock Glock and Aftermarket Glock Parts

ICU Binoculars - Binoculars, rifle scopes, range finders, & spotting scopes: Everything for your optical viewing.

Official Safety and - is your official site for stun guns, pepper spray, hidden cameras and other quality yet affordable safety and security products. Shop more than 26,000 discounted guns, accessories and more at Firearms For You.

Ballistic Charts
All the ammunition, all the manufactures, all the ballistic data. Finally, in one place, on one chart sorted by caliber. provides the finest concealment holsters, illumination products, and firearm accessories.

XD Gun We sell Springfield xd parts and accessories at an affordable rate. We are proud to have the fastest processing around, orders are processed the same day they are placed.
Modern Firearms&Ammunition

Desert West Firearms Training - Expert firearms safety and training courses including beginners pistol courses and Arizona CCW Concealed Carry Weapons permit courses.  - A source for the revolver enthusiast - GSFT School provides a Systematic Shooting Program for all levels. Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle.  Training Provided by Master Class Shooter. Learn the keys to fast accurate shooting. Security Assessments. Personal & Home Protection Training. Realtor Safety Training. Security Training for Game Wardens and much more.