Disassembly Instructions for the Glock Pistol

Disassembly Instructions for the Glock Pistol

Step 1

Remove the magazine and clear chamber. Do this by locking back the slide. Be sure there is not a round in the chamber by visual and physical inspection. Release the slide and point the pistol in a safe direction. Pull the trigger. Then grasp the pistol with your thumb under the slide and your fingers over the top of the rear part of the slide.

Pull back approximately ¼ inch. Pull down on the slide lock by grasping it on both sides with your thumb and finger.

Pull down on the slide lock while releasing the slide forward. (if you have a new yorktrigger you will need to pull the trigger again at this point) Be careful to not let the slide fall off onto a hard surface, as it could damage the guide ring.

Step 2

Remove the slide and take the recoil spring assembly out. Then remove the barrel. You now have the pistol in the field stripped condition.

Disassembly of the Upper

Step 3

Remove the slide cover plate by using the Glock armorer's tool to push down on the firing pin spacer sleeve.

This removes the spacer sleeve's locked position on the slide cover plate and allows you to push the slide cover plate off with your thumb. If the pistol is relatively new or has never been taken apart, you may use a small screwdriver to get the slide cover plate started and then slide the plate off.

Remove the extractor depressor plunger

And the firing pin assembly

The last parts of the slide that you will remove will be the Extractor (you will need to push down on the firing pin safety to allow the extractor to drop out)

And the firing pin safety

You have the entire upper assembly

Disassembly of the receiver

The first step in disassembling the receiver is to remove the locking block pin (in the three pin models). The pin can be removed in either direction. IMPORTANT NOTE! This pin will be the first to reinstall in the pistol! First out first in!

The second step is to remove the trigger pin. This takes a little extra detail, as you will need to wiggle or move the slide stop lever to the front and rear of the receiver while you are pushing on the trigger pin with the armorer's tool from left to right as shown in the following picture. This is because the slide stop lever sits in a notch on the trigger pin. When you reinstall the pin, be sure the slide stop lever sits down in the notch in order to eliminate the trigger pin sliding out upon use of the pistol.

Once the pin is removed, you can lift the slide stop lever out of the receiver as shown below.

The next step is to remove the locking block. Simply put the armorer's tool under the locking block and pry it up. The locking block will only go back in one way.

After pushing out the trigger mechanism housing pin on the backstrap, just pull the trigger w/ trigger bar out as shown below.

Shown is the trigger w/trigger bar and the trigger mechanism housing:

All of the parts drop right back in the receiver as taken out, with the exception that the LOCKING BLOCK PIN IS THE FIRST PIN TO GO BACK INTO THE RECEIVER. This is because the spring on the slide stop lever MUST BE UNDER THE LOCKING BLOCK PIN! If it is not, you will have a single shot Glock pistol and the slide will lock back after each shot.