Glock 43x vs. Glock 43

One of the new models from Glock has taken the concealed carry market by storm. The Glock 43x combines the single stack width with a frame that is the same length as the G19. This combination makes a small, easily concealed pistol that is easier to shoot than the tiny G43. We get a lot of questions about the 43x and what parts will work. Below we have a chart to show which parts carry over from the G43 to the G43x.





As you can see there is a lot of carry over from the Glock 43 so you will be able to find most of the OEM and Aftermarket parts that you need. So which model is right for you? More importantly if you already have a G43 do you need to get the 43x as well? 

The x in G43x designates it as a crossover pistol, in this case a crossover between the G48 and the G43. The G43x and the G43 are both single stack 9mm pistols that are easily concealed. The 43x has a new silver colored nPVD coating which is a very wear resistant coating. The slide also has Front Serrations from the factory which is a really nice change. Front Serrations is one of the best upgrades for a concealed carry gun. We often suggest this as custom work so it is nice to see it from Glock on the OEM slides. Speaking of slides, the G43 and G43x slides are exactly the same so if you have upgraded parts or slides for your 43 they will work for this model. 

So which one should you buy? Well that depends on what role you need this pistol to fill. The G43 is one of the best concealed pistols on the market. Its extremely small size allows you to carry it in a holster or in a pocket without any issues. The G43x with it’s larger frame does not fill this role as well as the G43. On the other hand the G43 is not nearly as comfortable to shoot. Slide bite and a snappy recoil are often the characteristics that come to mind with the G43, this should be expected with any small subcompact pistol. The G43x is much more comfortable to shoot and easier to control. The slightly wider frame fills the hand really well and makes it feel like a much larger gun when you are shooting it. 

If you need a small pistol that you can conceal in almost any situation than the G43 is a great option for you. If you are comfortable concealing a slightly larger frame and you want a small gun that shoots like a larger framed gun than the G43x is a great option for you. So now the big question, do you need a 43x if you have a 43? In my opinion yes, because these two pistols fill two different roles. I love my 43 for summer time when I am wearing shorts and a T-shirt most of the time and need something very small to conceal and not worry about. But in situations when I want a better shooting gun the G43x fills that role perfectly. They are both great models from Glock and while the 43x does not replace your 43 we think you will find that the 43x is a great addition to your collection. 

With all of the benefits and great features of the 43x it is definitely hard to get your hands one. Make sure that you follow this link to pick up yours or get on our waitlist to be notified when we get more in stock. Make sure you also sign up for our email list to be notified when we are running new sales or when we get new products for the 43x in stock.

Thank you for choosing Rock Your Glock.


Hey Everyone,

We are posting a quick update to this blog. We were incorrect on the compatibility of G43 parts with the 43x. The Slide release for a 43 will not work with the 43x or the 48. We will have a new model coming soon from Tango Down. If you have any questions for us please let us know.


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