Rock Your Glock High Performance Compensator

Kurtis coming at you from Rock Your Glock. Today we’re going to be talking about the RYG High-Performance Compensator. The RYG High-Performance Compensator is made out of anodized aluminum which gives it a very lightweight feel. You’re not gonna notice any added weight to the front of your gun so no change in balance. What you are going to notice is a big change in performance.
We have two very generous ports on top as well as two on either side and that aggressive design is not just so that it looks cool. The design of this compensator is going to force the gas is not only out the sides but also backwards. That’s just going to help out in mitigating the recoil and using the gases that your gun is expelling anyways to really meet the full potential of what this compensator can do.
The RYG High-Performance Compensator is available in a wide selection of colors, we have black, blue, chrome, pink, purple, and red. It comes with an allen key and a set screw to install your comp on your barrel. 
Install on our compenators is very simple. First, you will need a threaded barrel to use our compensator. Use an alcohol wipe or a rag to clean off your threads to ensure a good lock up. Put a small amount of blue Loctite on your threads and screw the compensator onto your barrel. Timing is important when using a compensator so watch the video below to see the proper timing for our compensator. Once you have your compensator screwed on make sure that you tighten the set screw on the underneath of our compensator. 
The RYG High-Performance compensator is a great option at a price of only $29.95. This compensator saves on weight but provides great recoil reduction. If you have any questions about this or any of our other parts please leave a comment. Take some time to watch the video below to see more on our compensator and to see it in action. 

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