Rock Your Glock Magazine Extension

How’s it going, Kurtis coming at you from Rock Your Glock. Today I’m going to talk about our Rock Your Glock magazine extensions. A quick overview of our aluminum extension for both 9mm and 40, we have them available for 19/23 size as well as 17/22. This extension will give you +5/6 on 9mm and +4/5 on 40 caliber.The RYG Magazine extension is a super durable and very low priced option. Coming in at $30 for the magazine extension and the spring.
Starting with the install, I’m sure you guys are like me and you’ve taken off these base plates without tools plenty of times. One thing for sure it is a pain in the butt, but we have a few tools that make it easier. First off is going to be the Vism Mag Popper tool. This has be quickly become one of our favorite tools for disassembling magazines. The Vism Mag Popper uses a hook that you place into your base plate and use force to pull the base plate off. If you watch the video below you will see how this tool is used. The second tool that you can use to help take off your base plate is the GTUL. The GTUL works as a vice for your magazine depressing the side tabs as you push your insert down. This tool is nice because it will work on any Glock magazine with any extension installed. The Vism tool will only work with OEM style base plates. Again watch the video below to see how these two tools work.
To install the RYG magazine extension you want to press your OEM follower onto the spring that is included. Set that spring and follower into the magazine press the spring down and I actually like to use the G tool for this. Just get the extensions started on there should be a really nice tight fit use the tool to depress the tabs slide the extension on and you’re in business. The extension latches in using the tabs on the OEM magazines it does not have a set screw because we have found that this is a perfectly solid way to install these extensions.
The RYG magazine extension will work on OEM magazines as well as ETS magazines and any magazine that uses the same tab system as the OEM Glock magazine. They will not work on Magpul magazines. A quick note for you we do offer engraving on our extensions. You can choose from our stock images or also supply any of your own images. Just upload a .jpg image on the website when you’re placing your order.
If you have any questions about this or any of our other parts please leave a comment. Make sure you guys take some time to watch the video below. 

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