Rock Your Glock Ranger Slide Cut


Kurtis here from Rock Your Glock to talk about another of our custom slide cuts. Today I want to talk about our Ranger slide cut. this slide cut is a great looking and very functional addition to your Glock. The style of this cut is aimed toward the competition market but will work great on any Glock.

The Ranger slide cut uses windows to lighten your Glock slide and allow for faster slide tracking. this means less felt recoil, faster follow up shots, and a more comfortable shooting experience. If you shoot competition you know that less weight equals more performance. This benefit isn’t just for competition though.

The Ranger slide cut can be done on any Glock model all the way down to a 42. The cut is customized for each slide size. The Ranger slide cut includes lightening cuts on either side, windows milled into either side, and a top window. Whether you are trying to save weight or just want to show off your chrome or tin barrel this slide cut is a great option. As with all of our custom slide machining, our Durablack coating is included at not cost. If you want another color we have plenty of refinishing options available.

Make sure you watch the video below to see more on our Ranger slide cut. If you have any questions please leave them below in the comments.

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