Proper Lubrication of a Glock.

I have been told the Glock pistol accounts for somewhere near 60 percent of the handgun market.  With this in mind I have personally overlooked the importance of something every gun owner does and absolutely needs to know.  I have taken this information for granted because of my experience.  It is something we all do, some do it one way, while others do it another way.  I have taken part in many conversations as to the “right” way to properly lubricate a Glock.  With my initial background I had, what turned out to be, the wrong idea.  I was the guy who oiled his weapons, and would not hold back.  There are reasons for that.  My scalpel was an AR, with a pistol as a secondary weapon.  I transferred the lubrication of an AR, which functions more like an internal combustion engine.  I don’t remember the first time I heard it, but I took my Glock into the shop here at Rockyourglock.  I was abruptly informed that I, “you’re over lubricating.”  I had a conversation about this issue because I disagreed.  I was provided with the preferred technique and told the reasons why.  This was years ago.  It occurred to me there are probably many others who lubricate their Glock like it’s a different platform.  The Glock is unique due to the polymer design and the intricacies of the trigger and firing pin assembly.  This needs to kept in mind when conducting proper care for your equipment. 


Let’s move onto the how, then the why.  Due to the design of the Glock it is very easy to field strip and perform maintenance.  The first step in the process is to clean the weapon very well.  My preferred technique is to use a small spray bottle and lightly spray the inside of the slide, then using wither a cloth of weapon brush leave a very light coat evenly spread.  I repeat this process for the barrel as well.  Starting with the slide it is recommended to place a drop of weapon oil in the slide grove. Gravity is your friend, hold the slide, breech end up and let the drop of oil run down the grove.  The drop of oil will not go all the way, do not worry, as the weapon functions the oil will be spread out.  A critical component to lubricate is where the trigger bar and connector meet, this helps with the functioning of the trigger.  That is where you are done.  Glocks were designed to not require much lubrication.  There are those out there that will contend an over lubricated Glock will wear in the wrong place, leading to malfunctions in the long run.  I personally have never seen this occur, but I’m not one to test it either.  Using the above method for several years, my Glocks have never failed me and function perfectly well.


For those that need to be told.  No lubrication is required on the mag well, firing pin channel, breech face, barrel chamber, and none in the mag itself.  All of these should remain clean. 

It really is that easy.  You will only need about six drops of oil in all.  Little spray in the slide, two drops for the rails grooves, little spray on the barrel, and a drop for the trigger bar and connector.






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  1. Bre

    Thank you! I followed a guide specific to my glocks and it sounds like they were spot on! I’m always afraid I’m. It using enough, but it’s apparent from your article, I’m doing it just right.


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