Dangerous Freedom

     Another lose for the American people happened this week when the Trump administration issued a ban on bump stocks. We have heard a lot of people talk about this being a small loss for the second amendment supporting groups but we beg to differ. I find myself falling into the group of people who think bump socks are a fun range toy but not anything that should be put on a rifle you might use to defend your life but that doesn’t mean that this decision is not important. The second amendment holds a special place in the bill of rights because it is the only right that has the purpose of protecting all other rights. It becomes very obvious what the purpose of the small restrictions have been when you look at it that way. You have to decide what is more important to you, freedom or the empty promise of safety. Our founders believed it was more important to have freedom in the hands of the people even if that freedom is secured in a way that some consider dangerous. A persons idea of guns and whether they are dangerous holds no power over the right of the people to keep and bear arms in defense of our freedom. 

       The purpose of the second amendment is to prevent and protect your person and property from individual threats and threats on a national level. These threats can come form inside and outside of our own government systems. It is not a coincidence that the United States has not been invaded by a foreign army. Yamamoto is quoted saying “to invade the United States would prove most difficult because behind every blade of grass is an American with a rifle.” When you look at countries all over the world, even in modern times there are often invasions and foreign entities setting up strongholds in lands that are not their own. Our founders set up a purposeful system of national defense by ensuring that all law abiding citizens had the right to be armed. That is pretty much common knowledge, most people recognize that we hold an advantage by having armed citizens when looking at it through the lens of national defense, but what about internal threats.

      You often hear talk of tyrannical governments and how the second amendment is meant to be a protection against this as well. Tyranny is defined as the use of power in an oppressive manner. It would seem to me that taking away the rights of the American people is an oppressive use of power and you would have a hard time arguing otherwise. I’m going to try and relent from getting very political in this post and not point fingers because we see the erosion of our natural rights from both sides of our government but take a second and look at what has been happening recently. There has been a massive attack on free speech in our country. The government, social media, and the old media are constantly working to limit what can be said and trying to protect the nonsense ideals of the vocal minority. There has been an attack of religious freedom as people are forced by the courts to do things that go against there religion because it hurt someone else feelings. Many of our other rights are under constant attack, not overtly mind you, but slowly and quietly while we are told to focus on problems that were created to distract us. Now through this lens we need to take another look at the bump stock ban.

     Does it stop here? I don’t think that you can look at the facts and the recent history of our political system and tell me that the bump stock ban is the only thing that will happen. This was passed as an administrative order, I’ll say that again, the president of the United States put out an executive order limiting the rights of the people he is sworn to serve. Cities, counties, and states all over the country are telling you that you can not own certain guns, or parts, or magazines all under the guise of public safety. At the same time they pass ridiculous laws making our streets even less safe. This issue is not about whether or not you should have a fun range toy but rather what are they going to take away next. Gun Owners of America has already taken legal action against this executive order  but that cannot be the extent to which we oppose this action. Let me say something that we have all heard before, every gun control law is an infringement on our second amendment rights. I mean that, every single law that is purposed to restrict the right of the people to keep and bear arms is in direct conflict with the constitution of the United States and we have a responsibility to get rid of these laws and protect all of the freedoms we enjoy. 

     All of this to say don’t sit back and watch these things happen, because change will not just happen. Change is built on the backs of men and women willing to work and risk for a better life. Don’t let people who do not represent your best interests make any decisions about your life. Get involved in any way that you can from the big stage to things you do every day. First of all, get out and vote and I don’t just mean marking a box because a candidate is red. Research and learn about the people you are putting in office. Find the people that support your rights and ensure that they represent you in D.C. Write to your representatives, tell them what you want and why. I guarantee that they hear from the opposing side every single day so let’s be just as vocal. A little tip, write out your letter or email and make 365 copies, send one of these copies every single day of the year. Refuse to be ignored and demand to be heard. Lastly, our biggest responsibility comes in our own communities and families. The narrative has been controlled by the opposition for too long. Every story that you hear about guns is negative, so let’s give them too much positive to ignore. Teach your families to shoot, defensively, in competition, and for hunting purposes. Teach your children especially, don’t let the media create a fear that will allow them to strip your children of their rights. Buy firearms, the gun industry is already huge but the more that we grow it the more important it becomes to our country. Make shooting a positive thing in the eyes of the community. It’s very easy to work with your local gun shops and ranges to set up community events and fundraisers that will shine a positive light on our community as a whole. 

    Working in the firearms industry I recognize my own bias when it comes to protecting firearms but everyone needs to have that same bias. Our country was built on the backs of courageous men who recognized the importance of defending their rights and the dangers of those rights being defined and taken away by their government. Take back the image of the second amendment and pass the love or freedom on to those around you. It will be hard work but if you want change you have to be willing to put in the work and the sweat. 

Stay safe, 

Rock Your Glock Team


  1. Douglas Coleman

    I agree with your statement. We gun owners and sportsmen need to get Active being in the public eye to stop these laws and taking away our rights.

  2. Frank (Law abiding citizen)

    Our rights are what they want to take. I am from PA. Our rights are being attacked in Pittsburgh as we speak with the mayor and the governor trying to force unconstitutional laws restricting gun ownership and want to make AR’s illegal to own. They are asking other cities in Pa to join them?????? I do not live in Pittsburgh but this is something that could affect all of us. I find it amazing that people think restricting law abiding citizens is the answer. I will continue to buy guns, keep my membership to the NRA current, vote, hunt and shoot my guns at my locate gun club. Freedom is what this country Is based on. I have not voiced my opinion a lot but it is time to stand up and fight for what is right!

  3. Michael Pistone

    I could not agree more. Our rights are being eroded everyday by politicians who care more about their term in office than the Constitution they swore to uphold. President Trump was a true disappointment when he made this Executive Order; as a candidate he promised to defend our second amendment and yet his actions serve only to infringe upon our rights and set a dangerous tone in his administration towards our Constitutional rights. Trump’s use of an Executive Order is nothing more than an edict from a tyrant or a king; that our laws, the rights of the people are second to his decision. Trump’s initial selection of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General further demonstrated his failure to understand our Constitution as Sessions was made AG out of loyalty rather than competency. I have written to, and continue to write, the President, my congressional representatives, our Governor and our state’s Attorney General in response to California obvious attack on our second amendment. I contribute to the NRA, Calguns and the Firearms Policy Coalition to help those organization to take legal action to protect and restore those very rights that I swore to uphold while I served in the Army.

  4. Dan Nolan

    I am a retired law enforcement officer after 30 years on the job. I fully support the second amendment and good Americans the right to bear arms. These ridiculous laws that bind good citizens due to the liberal agenda to use recent violent criminals acts as leverage to strip good folks rights are a travesty. CRIMINALS WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO OBTAIN GUNS, that’s a fact and all cops know this. Look at the violence, the shootings, the murders in some of the most stringent gun law states. Liberals wake up, if not you easily will create more victims for criminals.

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