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Let’s talk staying left of bang while running. Whether you currently run, or are thinking about starting to run, you should consider personal protection and how to properly plan prior to the event. So, what are the potential threats and concealment options?


There are multiple factors to consider here. Some of these factors here have two legs, some have four.  In select regions, here in Colorado, mountain lions, bears and various wildlife can be a bit of a handful.  In other areas, you may find yourself looking at an alligator, some feral hogs, etc.  Personally I’ve been running some country roads and mountain trails.  Depending on the time of year, every time I go for a little run on a mountain trial or even the trails around my house I come across the remanence of bears and mountain lions.



In law enforcement three options are preached for situations where you find your life to be at risk; run, fight, or hide.  While these options are great and have many applications how does one run while jogging in a park or, how would you fight off the would-be attacker when you are not carrying any weapons, how would you hide?  Sure you can try to out run, fight with your hands, and jump into some bushes.  Let’s be honest, how viable are these options when weighed against having an intermediate or lethal option available. Thus we are here to discuss concealed carry while you’re getting after it in a situation where you may very well wish you had that level of protection.


You may find yourself in the midst of a violent encounter with an animal or human.  You’ve already tasked yourself and are behind the curve.  Your attacker will probably be fresh.  Consider your attacker will be ready, they are out there with a specific intent, and they will more than likely be armed in some manner.


Let’s equate the equalizer.  How far you run may dictate what and where you carry.  To start with, what are the best options?  Hard question, the answer will vary on body type, level of training, previous experience (LEO, military, mercenary, etc.).  Some may be comfortable with carrying pepper spray, easy, light, effective for threats you’re not going hands on with.  If you have never been in a fight with pepper spray, I would suggest you get some training in to see how it will affect not only your target, but you as well.  Pepper spray in obviously a less lethal option and should not be relied on entirely.  A blade is a great option and should be carried everywhere at all time regardless.  With that said, everyone reading this is now armed with a blade, right?


Lethal options can include a Glock 43, Glock 19 (Different options for different folks here, talk to a trusted firearms trainer or friend and see what may be your best option) in a pocket, or various holster options.  Functionality or you clothing will have to taken into account.  Can you run in cargo pants? Yes.  Do you have to have those spats while running? No.  The Warfytr holster has various options, which include being comfortable in yoga pants and gym shorts.  If you have time or the inclination, you can take an existing Kydex holster and modify it very easily.  There are several companies offering runner specific kits that would easily accommodate a Glock 43, Glock 19, or whatever you wish.  Most of us have a small backpack that can suit the same needs, my go to for trails is a small backpack with a bladder for water.


I’ve been asked on many occasions, with multiple deployments and working the street, what is the most important or best piece of gear I should carry?”  My answer is always the same.  Your situational awareness, you mindset, and your will to kill or die.  We see poor examples of this all the time, people running with headphones on.  I do not practice this for the reasons I just listed.  I cannot be aware of my environment if I cannot hear what is happening around me.  Keeping your head on a swivel, always looking around.  This is not just important when running, I would say it’s always important.  You’ve seen the clips of people with their head buried in the phone and walk right into a wall, a hole, a moving truck, or whatever.  Some people might say, just keep one earpiece in. I say stop being weak and be aware.


If any of you currently carry while running, we would like to hear from you, what works and what doesn’t.





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