We need a shield!

I’m going to tell you something this week that you probably already know. The gun community right now needs to build up a shield. What I mean by this is that we need to build an effective defense against the legislation that is coming from the left and even from the right. Too often I hear guys talking about making their stand when gun grabbers come for their firearms. Often the battle cry of the 2A community is Molon Labe, come and take them. While this does have its place when we are past the point of putting up an effective defense, it shouldn’t be the first option in our minds. 

We live in the best country in the world, and because of that we have the right to vote and change policies or the people making those policies. This right is immensely important and it’s something that we as gun owners need to take advantage of. If you aren’t a member of the NRA it is time to change that. The NRA is not perfect and I can tell you that there are things they do that I personally don’t agree with, but they are the best option for gun owning citizens when it comes to changing policy and preventing bad policies. Take the time to join, take the first step towards defending our rights; rights that the government didn’t give us but rather that they are in place to protect. Follow the following link to set up an account if you don’t already have one.


Joining the NRA is only the first step, we also need to actively vote and let our representatives know what policies we want and what they need to block. Most importantly when our representatives, not politicians because they should represent us, don’t support what is important to us we need to vote them out of office. Do you know your representatives contact info? You should, and you should be known to them because of how often you have something to say about their job. Send those emails, send those letters, don’t let up because a good defense is relentless. It’s extremely easy to see how important the NRA is by how aggressively the other side tries to silence them. If you don’t believe me take a few minutes to do a simple search on YouTube. Search NRA and you would think that the NRA videos would come up right? Well when you search you will see that while their channel does come up, all of the videos that are displayed are new sources bashing the NRA. This should be a power full representation of the power that the NRA really has and how important it is for us to support them. 

I have an image for you that I think is important. For a long time my focus was on the sword. The sword is the symbol of offense and honestly is the more fun part to focus on. Training for the fight is much more exciting than setting up a defense, there are more resources for training your offensive attack, and honestly its more fun to focus on the offense. The problem with this is that the offense won’t be fun, in fact it will be a time full of hardship and loss. We have to focus on the shield before the sword so that those hardships can be prevented. 


Our offense is based in our defense just like this sword is sheathed in the shield. This is an old Gladiator style of shield, and gives a great visual representation of how we need to see our fight. Don’t forget your shield in the rush to prepare your offense. I think the wolf is fitting as well because in all honesty the wolves are at our door. They are ready to steal away our rights in the night as they pass votes that we know nothing about. Don’t let that happen.

A great example of this happening right now is H.R. 7115. this is a bill that is currently in process of being passed that would get rid of 80% frames and receivers. This may seem small but it is not. Legally you are allowed to construct a firearm for your own personal use. Without getting rid of this legal ability the government is trying to make it impossible for the average person to build their own firearm. This is a direct attack on our rights and we need to do everything we can to ensure it does not pass. Thetruthaboutguns.com has a great article on this bill and i suggest that you read it. follow the link below.

And also take the time to watch this video 

While I do want you to get out and train this weekend and this next week, it is also more important to me that you take some time to think and take action. Don’t misunderstand and stop training yourself for the fight, but please take time to help us build this defense.







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