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No one likes to talk about it but we see it everyday, bad things happen and they tend to happen to good people. Just this week we had another terrible tragedy occurred and already we see the swarm of news reports. There are a lot of thoughts brought up by these horrible events but the main one that we have is what next? What happens when this hits closer to home and what have we done to be ready? We only want to make a few points and we think they apply to everyone.

Are you carrying? Seriously, do you carry your gun with you every single day? If not then its probably time to start thinking about it. We purposefully sell all of the items that you need to put together a very effective every day carry set up. Whether its a Glock or not you need to have the basics with you all the time. Now I’m going to quickly speak just to the Glock customers which I believe is going to be most if not all of our readers. We have a basic idea of a set up for you that will help perfect your Glock pistol.

To start we are big fans of the 9mm caliber, so let’s talk about a Glock 19. The basic essentials of what you want to have are night sights, a quality holster, an additional magazine, and a good belt. The only part of this that we don’t have available is the belt but there are a ton of great options on the market. Just ensure that the belt is stiff and supportive this will ensure that your holster stays in place. When looking for a holster it is important to make sure that it is solid and will hold your gun in place. Whether you like to carry appendix or along your side we suggest that you look at a kydex holster. The stiff plastic ensures that your gun remains in place and safe. Leather is comfortable but it is also pliable and will not keep your gun as secure as kydex. Night sights are the next big consideration. The Glock OEM sights are a great sight picture but they will not give you a sight picture at night. They are also plaastic and if you have ever broken one of those sights you will know how important it is to have a good steel sight. 

Now talking about additional parts that we suggest for your carry gun are very simple. Extended controls, extended slide release and extended magazine release, are a huge advantage which gives you an ability to better manipulate your firearm. We also suggest looking at magwells which will help you to be more effective when you have to relaoad your firearm. 

Whatever set-up you use the big point that we feel has to be made is have it with you. Take it absolutely everywhere you are legally allowed to, because there is no way to know when a fight is going to happen. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings, and know how to use your set-up effectively. We want to share a very informative podcast with you today from the guys at FieldCraft Survival. In this you will hear them talk about the anatomy of a gunfight and how to come out on top. 

Listen to this podcast and take some of the tips that they give into your training and practice. It is never a good Idea to assume that you are prepared and that you will rise to the occasion. In reality we find that almost always you will fall to your level of training. With that in mind we want to give you another great target from T-rex arms to improve your training at the range. This is the triple ten drill and is a drill that we have found to improve our mindset and our accuracy over long strings of fire. The idea behind this target is to keep accuracy over 30 rounds of fire. The big thing that we have taken away from this target is that most movies and depictions of gunfights have them end in a few rounds. Often we have found training aids to only have us put a few rounds on target, two to the body one to the head. That can be a training flaw because if you only focus on shooting 3-5 rounds each time you fire you create a training flaw that could make its way into a real gunfight. What if you need to fire more rounds, have you trained on accuracy and  speed in that situation. The one change that I make to this drill when running it is that I put a random number of round in my magazines so that I do not know when a reload is coming and I am forced to count rounds. This is a great training tool that you can download here.

To close this out quickly, carry and train. Make sure that if a situation happens that you are ready because the only way these horrible tragedies stop is if we make them.

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