What are you compensating for?

This is something that no one likes to hear but is often thrown at gun owners. What are you compensating for? Why do you need a gun? What are you afraid of? Well you know what, it’s time that we turned that phrase around. It’s time to compensate your Glock, and we have some really great options for you to do that. Compensating your 9mm handgun used to be a competition trick that didn’t translate well to other forms of shooting but that has changed recently. Rock Your Glock along with some other great companies have come out with very lightweight and small compensators for your 9mm handgun that give you all of the same benefits that competition shooters have been enjoying for years in a compact package. We are going to talk about 4 compensators on this post, 2 basic types and the benefits of them.

The first compensator that we want to talk about is the RYG High Performance Compensator, the best in our opinion. This great 9mm compensator, .40 cal coming soon, is made of anodized aluminum and is available in a selection of colors. This compensators is lightweight and steps away from the standard design of a pistol compensator and uses the side compensating ports that you would expect on a rifle. These rear facing side ports do most of the work to get rid of recoil by forcing the pressure to the side and backwards. It creates a very different recoil impulse than a non compensated gun or a standard pistol compensator. At a price point of $29.95 this is going to be the best price for a compensator that you will find and we think the best performance.

Next we are going to talk about 2 similar compensators, these are the Carver Universal 9mm compensator and the Agency Arms Single Port 417 Comp. Both of these 9mm compensators work great on Glock pistols. The Agency Arms is specifically made for each gen 3 or 4 and fits the profile of the gun perfectly. The Carver works on any 9mm handgun but shines on a Glock and really makes for a great shooting experience. Th Agency Arms 417 Comp is $110 and the Carver is $89. These are both a great option to add to your carry set up. Both of these compensators use a top port design which shoots the majority if not all of the pressure up forcing the muzzle of the Glock down when firing. 

The last compensator that we are talking about in this post is the Strike Industries Gen4 Slide Comp. This compensator is unique in that it mounts directly to your slide rather than threading on to a threaded barrel. This is the heaviest of the compensators that we are talking about today and that is one of the big reasons that it helps reduce recoil. It does release pressure upwards which works in conjunction with the weight and really flattens the shooting of the gun. This compensator is $79.95 and when you consider that you don’t have to buy a threaded barrel it is a great deal. 

We will be coming out with some great YouTube videos in the future so that you can see these compensators in action, see a comparison, and learn about install and use. Until those are up check out our account at Rockyourglock.com, LLC to see our newest video about our triggers.

Baer Solutions Warm-Up Drill:

Outfitting your Glock with a compensator is not the end of the story, you need to train with the set-up and learn how your gun functions with the compensator added. The Baer Solutions warm-up drill is a great way to assess your proficiency with your gun. this is a 2 part drill that will test you. the first drill tests shooting from different shooting postitions, and the second drill will test your cadence and speed at different distances. Check out Baer Solutions full description of the target here. Download the target here, and be sure to check out all of the great training options that are available from Baer Solutions. 

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