Should you mill your slide?

We may be biased in talking about this topic because not only do we mill slides but we love shooting Glocks that have slide work, so don’t expect too many negative points. We will try to be objective as we talk about it though. 

The ability to mill your slide is a big advantage to buying a Glock pistol. Glocks are so simple in the design of their slide that you can do pretty much whatever design you want. This can be seen in the huge and unique market for slide milling. with so many companies milling slides it is incredible that each one can be unique. Pricing can range from $150 all the way up to over $1,000 for slide packages so it is important to know why you would want your slide milled and what to look for. 

As we said before Glock slides are very simple which is a blessing and a curse. While they can be easily customized they are missing many features that you find in modern handguns. The new Gen 5 MOS models are the exception to this rule. These slides come with the MOS red dot mounting system and front serrations, bringing Glock forward in the modern pistol market. But if you don’t have these models don’t worry because you can do many things to make your slide just as functional. One of the main reasons to mill your slide is to give it more functionality. Front serrations are a great option for filling this need. Having more area to grab your slide comfortably is a huge advantage and will be included in most slide milling packages. Another functional upgrade is the addition of a red dot to your slide. We have a past blog post talking bout red dots and our experience with them. A quick summation is that we really like them. As long as you do the work and train with your optic, red dots truly are the future of handgun shooting and will take your shooting to the next level. The last functional benefit of slide milling is the weight that you lose from the slide. When you take weight out of the slide you lose some of the felt recoil while you shoot. This causes your gun to shoot flatter and get back on target quicker. This is all with proper training and practice of course and is not a shortcut to becoming a better shooter. 

Another big reason to mill your slide is that it justlooks better. Remember your parents telling you its what’s on the inside that counts? Well Glock has that down, they are easily the most reliable pistols on the market so we don’t want to mess with that but if we can make it a little prettier, why not. Speaking of reliability we get a lot of questions about windows in your slide and whether or not they affect functionality. Our observation has been that there is no loss of function when placing windows in the slide. We know a lot of Police officers whose duty weapon is a G34 with a big window in the top of the slide. From their first hand experience carrying that weapon on duty everyday and what we have seen with our milled slides we are confident in saying you don’t have anything to worry about. 

So, should you mill your slide? Well that is going to come down to personal preference but we think it is a functional customization option that you will be very happy with. Be sure to check out all of our custom shop options here and let us Rock Your Glock!

We also have a great training drill for you guys this week. This is the Three Sevens drill from Tier 1 Concealed. This is an awesome drill to run to practice drawing from concealment, getting shots on target, speed, and reloads. 


-Start at 7 yards

-Draw and fire 1 shot into the top left circle, transition and fire 2 shots in the top right circle

-Slide Lock Reload

-Fire one shot into the bottom right circle, transition and fire three shots into the bottom left circle

-Target time is 7 seconds or less. 

Download this target here and don’t forget to check out the great holsters available from Tier 1 Concealed. 





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