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   I want to start this post by saying that we are in no way the experts on this topic. We just have some experience with different ways of carrying and have seen some pretty serious failures. Make sure that you do your own research and testing before deciding on any carry gear. Also go out and get training, there is not a more important way that you could spend your gun fund. Now onto the topic for this week.

   How do you carry? Do you open carry or conceal, and what kind of holster are you using? There was recently a huge win for the 2A community when the 9th Circuit ruled that open carrying a firearm is a right protected by the constitution. Check out the article on that here. Strange how once you start a career in government or law it immediately becomes harder to read simple text that has been around for over 200 years, but i digress. Open carry is a huge win for the gun community, but is it the best way for you to protect yourself and those around you. We have heard the argument that open carrying is a deterrent because if criminals know that there are guns in a location they will think twice about attacking. Think about the flip side though, if you are planning to commit a violent crime wouldn’t the first consideration be disarming or neutralizing any possible threats to your success, aka lawful citizens carrying guns, armed security, or police. Think about every movie involving a bank robbery, who is the first person targeted? The security guard, because they have the greatest ability to thwart the plans of the criminals. 

     When you consider the importance of being your own “first responder” and the downsides of open carrying the best option is usually concealed carry. If you ask us concealed carry is a constitutional right that should be protected like open carry is now. The best way to protect yourself is to be armed and not make yourself an immediate target. If you have the ability to conceal carry in your state you absolutely need to be exercising that right. We can find countless videos that show the importance of carrying a gun with you, but here is a great example from Active Self Protection. Be aware this is a violent video.

As you watch you will hear a few important principles to using a conceal carry firearm, control of the situation and your firearm, shot placement and minding civilians, and movement. There are too many intricacies to get into in one blog post but controlling your firearm is an important topic. When you carry you have to have a consistent and reliable draw every time, a lot of this is going to comedown to holster choice. There are tons of holsters on the market but for our purposes we will boil it down to three groups; leather, kydex, and hybrid holsters. Leather holster provide the greatest comfort to you but lack in reliability and consistency of your draw. They are soft and pliable which can cause small changes in the position of the gun and will eventually become unsafe due to being worn in. You can find situations online where a leather holster was compromised and allowed a trigger to be pulled while the firearm was holstered. Kydex holsters fix this problem because of their rigidity. This same rigidity though diminishes the comfort and can discourage you from carrying in all situations. We think that Crossbreed Holsters has the best option available on the market for conceal carry. 

    Crossbreed uses a hybrid design for their holsters. The Crossbreed Supertuck features a leather pancake style backing for all day comfort, but the firearm is secured in a kydex holster that is attached to the leather which offers a more secure holster that will not deform as it wears in. These holsters are a step above what mot other companies are offering and we want you to have a chance to try them out. This week we are offering free shipping on any order that includes a crossbreed holster. Simply use code “Concealed” at checkout for free shipping.  At $69.95 they are a great deal and will outlast any leather holster you put them up against. 

   Now that we have a great holster picked out it is time to practice that draw from concealment and controlling the firearms from different starting positions. A great tool for this comes for T-rex Arms. If you haven’t checked out their great training targets, the concealment target is a perfect place to start. For this drill you will draw from concealment and fire one shot into the circle. The instructions will give you different starting positions to try, but consider trying your own. Work on sitting, standing, and moving while using these arm positions. You can find the downloadable target here.

    We want to hear your experiences with these and other holsters so comment your favorites and why. Remember to always check your chambers and be safe while handling firearms. Check out Crossbreed holsters and all of the parts that we carry at

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