RYG Training

Our business model at RockYourGlock.com is built around great customer service. When customers come to us for their Glock parts they expect to receive friendly service and a quality product shipped quickly. As a representative of RockYourGlock you are expected to treat all customers with respect and give them a friendly, positive experience which will in turn create a life long customer. If there is a problem it needs to be corrected quickly. If you can correct a problem for under $50.00 then you should without having to speak with a manager. You were hired because you can be trusted and we believe in your judgment. Use your best judgment and correct the problem to keep our customer happy and coming back.

Phone Calls

First Impression How are you? Sorry Hold No No's Focus On The Result Calming an Angry Customer Email

Use their Name Avoid Confusion Proof Walk Away Email or Call

Click the following link for for the quiz, after you take the quiz print off the results - Quiz