Custom Build Mech Tech CCU Carbine Conversion Kit Fits G20

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The Mech-Tech System 10mm Carbine Conversion Unit (CCU) converts your Glock pistol into a semi auto carbine. Fast shooting and quick handling, fits all Glock M/20 Gen. 1-4. Easily installed or removed, This CCU allows you to shoot 10mm ammunition from any of the above Glock frames by simply using a Glock M/20 magazine.

The custom build Mech Tech carbine unit comes standard with the 6 postion M-4 Stock, Quadrail assembly, M16 front sight, and M16 rear sight with carry handle. Does NOT include the lower receiver, this product does not need to ship to an FFL

The Glock pistols have three basic frame sizes - 'Full Size', 'Compact', and 'Sub Compact'. Mech-Tech CCU's are not available for sub compact Glocks. In the 'Full Size' series are the Models G20 (10mm), G21 (45ACP), G17 (9mm), G22 (40 SW), G31 (357 Sig), G34 (9mm Long Slide) and G35 (40 SW Long Slide). Within the full size series there are two frame widths as is the case for the compact series. Mech-Tech CCU's are not available for 10mm and 45 ACP compact series pistols. An interesting fact relates to Glock magazines. A frame separated from the slide and barrel will physically accept a magazine of a cartridge different from that for which the assembled pistol is designed (using magazines designed for the same series of frame sizes). What this means is that a Glock pistol & CCU combination can be set up to safely fire a cartridge different from that for which the assembled pistol is designed. Example: The frame (lower unit) of a Glock designed to fire the 45 ACP cartridge in the assembled pistol can be safely used with a CCU designed to fire the 10mm cartridge. This is accomplished by assembly of the 45 ACP Glock frame to the 10mm CCU and the use of a Glock 10mm magazine designed to be used with that series of frame size. This information is provided only to illustrate the flexibility of the Mech-Tech CCU. (Caution: the foregoing does not imply that a Glock pistol designed for a given cartridge can safely shoot a different cartridge by simply switching the magazine - this is dangerous - do not try it! Likewise a CCU can safely fire only the cartridge for which it is designed!) If further clarification is needed please contact Mech-Tech Systems Inc.

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