Ghost Connector 5 lb Tactical

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Minor Gunsmithing required to install this product. The GHOST TACTICAL is the first ever GLOCK TRIGGER CONNECTOR specifically designed for SELF- DEFENSE, TACTICAL & SWAT APPLICATIONS. It works in all GLOCK pistols. Most shooters agree, the hardest thing to learn about shooting is trigger control. Most trigger problems are created by flinching or jerking the trigger. Many Glock shooters find the nature of the Glock trigger difficult, it goes from mushy to hard and has plenty of overtravel. When the Glock fires the trigger keeps moving (this is critical) rearward while the bullet is still in the barrel until it is suddenly stopped by the connector, trigger housing or frame. The sudden stopping of the trigger will normally cause the sights and muzzle to move off target. Overtravel is the real killer here, because all this happens while the bullet is still in the barrel. Remove overtravel and you will remove all of this movement resulting in better groups faster, faster because the trigger does not move after firing and takes less distance to reset. The trigger is the heart of a pistol, a good trigger can mean the difference between wining or losing when your shooting for your life. LOSING IS UNACCEPTABLE, SECOND PLACE IS FIRST LOSER! The GHOST TACTICAL shortens trigger movement, eliminates overtravel & gives a faster reset. This enables you to shoot better & faster - ONLY HITS COUNT! Good hits are even better. The better the trigger the better the accuracy and faster you can shoot accurately. Minor Gunsmithing required to install this product.

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