Glock Concealed Carry

Glock Concealed Carry



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          When we are talking concealed carry; there is one question you have to ask yourself, it is very important that you answer this question punctiliously.

“Am I an asset, or am I a liability?”

          In order to first answer this query you will need to look at your mode of living. Do you train with your firearm? Do you have situational awareness? Are you accountable? Do you have what it takes to NOT be the “hero?” Contingent on how you answer these questions, you will be able to resolve whether you should carry or not. If you answered yes to the first question it is not enough. If you answered yes to the second question it is still not enough. If you answered yes to the third and fourth question it is still not enough. You must have a certain mentality that will enable you to have all the ingredients of a sheepdog; this mentality is what drives you to carry. It is why you look up crime statistics and know what areas are bad where you live. You have to know that just because you have a firearm does not mean that you must intervene on anyone else’s behalf. And most importantly… you have to know what the possible outcomes are if you do pull your weapon, in every situation, every second you have your firearm on you, constantly assessing the situation. This is not some JV standard of situational awareness; we are talking about the pro’s here. Life and death, not only that of the bad guys but any and all innocents front, back, lateral… everywhere, it is a three dimensional battle field.

          Let’s discuss some technicalities.

There are over 8 million concealed carry card holders in the United States. Do you think they all carry all the time? No. But, there are very few who never carry. Do you think they all train with their weapon? Sadly, no. Do you think they invest the proper amount of money if they are not interested in investing the right amount of time? I say you are different because you are still reading this. My point here is not to be déclassé when it comes to your weapon or its accessories and your training. Getting some snap caps and dry firing your Glock will not hurt it, include your holster draws (from concealment!). Then we need to remember that you have to train like you fight. That means low-light conditions, in your own home, live fire. Learning how to properly slice the pie, and clear your point of domination. Practice drawing and shooting with one hand, both primary and support side. Laying down, kneeling, sitting, under, over, ad nauseam. I feel I should mention that you really need to consider the penetration of your ammo. A 9mm will perforate interior walls like a hot knife through butter, are your kids in the other room, or is it your mother-in-law? If you are holding a flashlight and there is a mirror at the end of the hall, will you walk around the corner and blind yourself? What about when you’re in public, did you consider where cover is, or the exits in that restaurant, etc.? One more word about public, profiling is your friend, it saves time.  Your weapon; whether a G26, G23, G30 or any Glock. It is a decisive part of your armament. You cannot sling lead at supersonic speeds without one. Now you need to be concerned with not only sending that chunk of scorching metal down range but with, how accurately and fast you are able to do so. The type of trigger, holster, sights, and clothing are just some things that need to be well-thought-out. Decide if you favor the Lightning Strike or the Phantom trigger, whether you like the clip holster or the CrossBreed. Sights are central because they are what you use to acquire your target. Have you looked through HiViz, Meprolight, Snake Eyes, TruGlo or XS sights? All the years I have been shooting there is one aspect that is a constant to the nth degree. You must experiment with your equipment to see what works best for your body composition coupled with your physical abilities. Bottom line, here is where you are going to invest money and time, not spend, invest, know the difference.

          A responsible concealed carry holder will not leave home without a less-than lethal option. Your firearms absolutely should not be your only option, first, think what can I do with my words? What can I do with my hands, do I know a “martial” art, or do I have pepper spray? I say “martial” because like guns, not all are created equal. With that said, don’t get cocky. You are not the bulletproof monk, and if you go looking for trouble, you may find it.

Here are some crime stats to consider:

          8,640 Burglaries every day                = 1 every 10 seconds

          4,320 Violent crimes every day          = 1 every 20 seconds

          2,468 Grave assaults every day         = 1 every 35 seconds

          720 Forcible Rapes every day            = 1 every 2 minutes

8,000+ Home invasions every day, 60% of rapes occur in home invasions and 38% of assaults.

So, what is the final point? Ask yourself, am I an asset or a liability? No one can answer this for you. You have to be honest with yourself, just think, ‘if I use my weapon in a situation and I accidentally kill a little girl.’ Will it be because you did not prepare yourself?



Dan Hill


  1. Mark Berry

    What training programs do you recommend in the greater Denver area. My question pertains to training beyond the qualification requirements for a conceal carry permit.  I am a 57 year old guy so I can’t go gonzo rolling in the dirt but I am interested in training. Thx

  2. Greg Beals

    What training programs could you suggest in Oregon? I live in Southern Oregon, and we have som local classes, although I am curious what else is out there; what ia good and what is not. Thank you1

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