9 mm VS….

9mm VS…

By Dan Hill 


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Allow me to start by saying that I am not some armchair militarist or a 20 year old college student. I spent a great deal of time shooting guns, not selling them or building them, shooting them, many times at moving targets some would classify as “two legged animals,” or “tangoes.” Through my writings I will never try to put water in anyone’s whiskey. I am here to tell you the truth, as I know it and as God made it.

We have heard it all before, 9s are better than 45 or vice versa. I say we need to put our egos aside and focus in the one truth there is to owning, carrying or whatever you do with your handgun. Ask yourself this when trying to argue 9mm vs. .40 or .45, “Have I ever shot anyone with a 9mm, .40 or a .45?” If you can answer yes to this question, cheers, and you are welcome to make arguments for which is the better caliber to have. Please reply to this blog and tell us your thoughts, any inanimate objects do not count for this discussion. Please only make your suggestions if you have personal experience. I feel it bears repeating, if you have ballistic charts and scientific data leave it where you found it. We are talking, reality. I am here to tell you my opinion, no matter the caliber; it will not count unless it is a hit. No one ever won a firefight by missing. I personally carry a G26, outfitted with aftermarket sights. Why do I choose a 9mm Glock? I carry a Glock because they are ergonomic, I like the way it feels when I hold it and shoot it. Why do I carry a 9mm? Two reasons, one is I like the option of more ammo if required by the situation, number two, the recoil management of a 9mm is somewhat easy to handle thus my accuracy from multiple shots is improved. I know there is an argument that I should only need one shot to deliver justice. Notwithstanding, I say to you now that several extra shots never made me less alive and them more of a threat. I will bear in mind that a few well-placed slugs from a 45 can get the job done without fail. If you are ever wondering if two to the chest and one to head from a G17 or G26 or even a .22cal can do the same, stop and ask yourself, “Does a bear do number two in the woods?”

Allow me to part a great thought and some insight from the Archduke Albert

“There are plenty of small-minded men who, in times of peace, excel in detail, are inexorable in matters of equipment and drill, and perpetually interfere with the work of their subordinates… They thus acquire an unmerited reputation, and render the service a burden, but they above all do mischief in preventing development of individuality, and in retarding the advancement of independent and capable spirits.   When war arises the small minds, worn out by attention to trifles, are incapable of effort, and fail miserably. So goes the world.”

Please let us know your thoughts and what you prefer.


  1. V

    I have used both 9s and 45s. I would say there is no replacement for displacement but let’s stick to guns. A 9 will put your target down, unless you are shooting a POD yeti. And when all else fails, call CAS!

  2. chechatonga

    Shot people before…more than one in point of fact. Thing is bigger bullets are always better bullets …beeen that way for over hundred years technology  has not  changed that as of yet.
    Give me a 45 any day

  3. Aril

    There IS some rationale to DAO simaerds. I prefer SA/DA mechanism in my primary carry (read: the non-backup) weapon, but there is nothing inherently wrong with DAO. Especially when coupled with a no-safety configuration. 12 pounds is pretty stiff and I wouldnt recommend it. Still, I see this as more of a training issue than weapon choice issue.

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