Fobus Holsters Review

Fobus holsters were first developed in Israel for the world’s military and special services. The Fobus Concealed Carry Holster is a first step forward in holster design and technology. Fobus is the pioneer in the manufacturing of injection molded polymer holsters. With many years of experience and extensive research Fobus has become the leader in high density space age polymer and consists of most extensive line of models and the abundant fits in the market. Comfort is the key factor in case of concealed carry.

The designers at Fobus have been trying their best to produce top quality Fobus holster that weigh 2 ounces on the net. These Fobus Holsters have a number of vital qualities like high riding, close fitting, with a low profile. They also have a rubberized paddle for comfort, steel reinforced rivet attachment system for durability. They are usually rugged and reliable and almost maintenance free. Fobus holsters employ a passive retention system that permits a rapid presentation.

The 100% customer satisfaction is obtained with Fobus. In case of any problem, or need to return, the manufacturers can be consulted. Fobus holster have guarantee of a lifetime; this applies for Fobus holsters, Fobus holster accessories, and their amazing Fobus ammunition pouches.

Fobus Holsters are the next generation of concealment holsters. They are combatable to wear and tear and are tested to perform in all situations and are comfortable to wear. There is also a an extensive selection of holsters from different other brands such as Bianchi, Blackhawk, Safariland and Gun Mate as well as Blackhawk holster accessories, Bianchi holster accessories and Galco holster accessories.

The feedbacks received from the customers are also extremely positive.

Some of the exceptional features of Fobus are:

  • hip hugging,
  • high riding
  • low profile with incredible withholding,
  • comfort and lightweight structure

People prefer the Fobus holsters because of generous pricing, helpful customer service, and knowledgeable product expertise.

Fobus holsters have been set as standard with elite law enforcement personnel and police departments at various federal, state and local levels worldwide. Sportsmen and professionals especially enjoy Fobus as they are the finest in holster technology. Another vital feature that makes Fobus so famous is their sidearm which remains safe at their side; they are ready for instant use.

Fobus Holsters Review: The reasonable price, the wide variety of usages and the 100% customer satisfaction makes Fobus one of the best accepted brands.

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